TUT 46


TUT 46 (46 km / 1900 D+)

Real “small” ultra! For all those who have the desire to enter the world of ultra running! Long enough and demanding on the one hand, extremely attractive, on the other hand. Light enough for everyone to try it, and yet, in some places wild, just like a real ultra should be!

The valley of Jarevac and numerous crossings over the stream, all the way to Lake Jarevac, characterize the first part of the trail. Up to the 16th kilometer the trail follows the TUT 66 route. Then, it separate from TUT 66 for a short time, following its own route for about 1 km, and then joining the TUT 66 route, at the Gavran peak. The quieter part of the trail follows across Osluša, next to the Osluša viewpoint and the Sokolina plateau with the phenomenal Sokolarica viewpoint, overlooking the deep Rača canyon. This is where the final part of the trail begins! Steep descent to the Lađevac waterfall, then a gentle section to the medieval monastery of Rača. We saved the best (and hardest) for the end! 700 meters of ascent, packed in only 5 kilometers of trails, all the way to the Crnjeskovo viewpoint! After this challenge, the finish is almost there!!

Get ready to discover unexplored parts of mountain Tara!


25.01.2022.-28.02.2022. 27,00
01.03.2022.-31.05.2022. 32,00
01.06.2022.-10.06.2022. 37,00

07:30 02/07/2022

Kaluđerske Bare, Tara

46 km

1900 D+

10:00 h