The second edition of the Tara Ultra Trail will be held on the first weekend of July, from July 3 to 5, 2021.

We are preparing three trails for all trail gourmands, TUT 63km (3300 D +), TUT 25km (920 D +) and TUT 12 (320 D +).

The routes will not change compared to the first edition. A combination of dense Tar forests, open fragrant meadows, forest roads and goat trails, unique lookouts, fierce ascents and even more intense descents. It will be a great opportunity to test yourself and your progress compared to the previous year, but also to try to set some of the new track records! In any case, enjoyment is guaranteed!

Welcome to Tara!

TUT 63

63 km / 3300 D+

TUT 25

25 km / 920 D+

TUT 12

12 km / 350 D+