Dear runners,

We want to introduce to you the latest star on the trail sky of Serbia: TARA ULTRA TRAIL 2020!

Imagined to be held on the most beautiful mountain in Serbia, the race route will take you through the magical landscapes of the Tara National Park on the first weekend of July (03 – 05.07 2020). You will have the opportunity to run through the beautiful mountain meadows, which at that time are covered with diverse, flowering, endemic species, through dense forests of spruce, fir and beech, where you will also be able to meet the mistress of the forest – Her Majesty Pancic’s Spruce. Climbing the goat paths, along long ridges and cliffs of deep canyons, to the highest peaks of Tara (Kozji rid, Zborište) you will enjoy the rivers, waterfalls, medieval monasteries and untouched nature of this mountain. Mountain lakes such as Zaovinsko, Jarevac, Spajići, Ploštice, Perućac and unreal, fabulous lookouts (Crnjeskovo, Banjska stena, Osluša, Bilješka stena, Janjač, Orlov vis,…) will really leave you breathless and make you bring home beautiful memories from one of the most beautiful mountains.

We are preparing four different races for you, and it is up to you to choose how you want to meet this mountain beauty! As a separate category, a race will be organized with your pets!

Clean air, beautiful nature, diverse grounds adapted to everyone’s “taste” and kind hosts are enough reason and opportunity to experience and get to know this mystical area of untouched Serbia!

“Tara should be experienced, felt in the grass and mud, in the rock, in the soul and heart, in the aroma of resin and thyme, in the color of cyclamen and peony” – Miodrag Petrović


TUT 63

63 km / 3300 D+

TUT 25

25 km / 920 D+

TUT 12

12 km / 350 D+